Podcast Launch Plan: Post-Strategy First Steps

Podcast Launch Plan: Post-Strategy First Steps

Podcast Launch Plan: Post-Strategy First Steps

You’ve got a strategy in place for your new podcast—so what’s next? While strategies lay the foundation, your podcast's success will be largely determined by the actions you take in the early stages of development. By focusing on thoughtful planning, you can ensure your podcast not only reaches but resonates with your intended audience.

Set Concrete Goals

Before you hit record, clarify what success looks like for your podcast. Define your goals in a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) format. This could mean aiming for a certain number of downloads in the first six months, attracting a specific sponsor, or achieving a set number of listener engagements per episode. Having these targets will provide you with direction and a way to measure progress.

Finalize Your Concept

Your strategy should include an overview of your concept but now refine it. Define your show’s format, episode length, and structure, whether it’s narrative, conversational, or monologue. Also, consider how you can provide value in every episode. Your podcast should entertain, inform, educate, or inspire or possibly a combination of these.

Craft an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is essential for organizing content production and release schedules. Plan your topics, guests, and any themed episodes well in advance. Craft an episode roadmap for at least the first season or the initial few months, aligning it with relevant seasons, holidays, or industry events that could boost your podcast’s visibility.

Invest in Quality Equipment

Good sound quality can make or break a podcast. Invest in a high-quality microphone, headphones, and audio recording software. You don’t need a professional studio to start, but you should ensure your audio is crisp and clear to avoid turning off listeners with subpar quality.

Create a Recording Environment

Choose a quiet space with minimal echo to record your episodes, be it a closet repurposed with soundproofing materials or a dedicated room. Test your recording environment to troubleshoot any potential audio issues before your first interview or monologue.

Develop Your Brand Identity

Your brand is more than your logo; it’s how your audience perceives you. Create a visual identity that includes cover art, colour schemes, and font choices that reflect your podcast's personality. These elements should be used consistently across all platforms, including your website and social media profiles.

Plan Your Website and SEO

A podcast website serves as the hub for all your content. It should include an about page, episode archive, contact information, and embeddable podcast players. Optimize your site for search engines by using relevant keywords and providing thorough episode descriptions, transcripts, and show notes that can be indexed. Also keep in mind some Podcast Distribution sites come with a one-page website as well, if you cannot afford to invest in a standalone website.

Set Up Your Recording Process

Choose the right recording software for your needs, whether it be a simple tool like Audacity for solo podcasts or something more advanced like Adobe Audition for multi-track editing. If you plan on having guests, decide on the remote recording platform that offers the best audio quality and is user-friendly.

Understand the Editing Process

Editing is as crucial as recording. If you’re not skilled in audio editing, learn the basics or plan to hire professional help. Editing isn't just about cleaning up audio; it’s also about crafting a narrative that keeps listeners engaged throughout the episode.

Create a Marketing Launch Plan

Your podcast launch should be an event. Put together a marketing plan for the weeks leading up to and following your launch. This includes outreach for press coverage, social media campaigns, and potentially partnering with influencers. Plan to release several episodes at once on launch day to fully captivate your new audience.

Engage in Audience Building

Start talking about your podcast well before it launches. Create buzz by sharing behind-the-scenes looks, teasers, and trailers. Build an email list to notify interested listeners as soon as you go live. Use social media to connect with your potential audience and involve them in your process by asking for input or teasing content.

Learn About Podcast Distribution

Your podcast needs to be accessible. Research podcast hosting platforms and distribution networks that can disseminate your content across popular listening apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Understand the submission process, the artwork and description specifications, and how to categorize your content correctly.

Consider Monetization Early

While monetization may not be your immediate goal, plan for it early on. Will you do sponsorships, affiliate marketing, sell merchandise, or create a premium subscription model? Laying the groundwork now will make it easier to capitalize on these opportunities once your podcast gains traction.

Getting Feedback and Continuous Improvement

After planning and launching, be receptive to feedback. This can come from listener reviews, download data, and engagement metrics, all of which will help you continually refine your podcast.


The steps you take after crafting a podcast marketing strategy are crucial. They provide the structure, quality control, and momentum needed for a standout podcast. By planning your podcast’s development and launch, focusing on audience engagement, and consistently delivering high-quality content, you’ll be well on your way to podcasting success. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but with preparation, your podcast is poised to make an impact.

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