Podcast Training with Alan Hennessy - The Digital Mentor

Increase Your Visibility and Share Your Years of Expertise!

Over the past number of years, Podcasting has become one of the greatest opportunities to share your expertise either by being a guest on a podcast or creating your own one.

With Irish audiences continuing to tune into podcasts and the overall market continuing to grow, Acast Ireland has reported over 7.5m podcast listens every month in Ireland. This is an increase of 39% increase from the previous year. Unique monthly listens, meanwhile, increased by 32% to 1.65m.

Podcast advertising grew substantially in 2021 as more and more brands and advertisers looked to podcasting as part of the overall marketing mix.  33% of the Irish population now listen to podcasts according to research carried out by Attest.

Setting up your own podcast has never been as easy, Yes you might say (that is easy for you to say), well with a small amount of training and guidance you can be on your way to increasing your visibility and building awareness for what you have spent years developing your expertise in. You have the opportunity to share with the world all that you know and have learned in whatever aspect of life you want to share.

My Training comes from years of experience in Broadcasting and Podcasting.

30 years of experience in Radio  including over 1000 radio shows on CharityRadio.ie and working on Community Radio

Host of the very successful Social Media Talks Podcast with over 100 episodes to date, I also co-host the Curious Fire Podcast with Trevor Lorkings which has received over 1000 downloads.

If you are looking to set up your podcast or want to upskill and build a strategy for your existing podcast, please get in contact with me.

Our sister company Kompass Media can also accommodate you if you require Podcast Editing, production and publishing. Click here for more details.

Professional Podcast Training

I have over 30 years of experience in broadcasting and production which enables us to guide you through the process to create a professional podcast Series.

I will help you develop a strategy for your podcast, and understand the benefits and also the marketing value a podcast can have. I will take you through the branding, structure and creative process. You will learn the basic recording and editing techniques essential for beginning your podcast.

You can also choose from one of my tailor-made packages where we concentrate on the area you need to learn most.  The benefit of these courses is they are time-efficient and cost-effective.

Podcast training modules include . . .
  • Introduction to Podcasting (What makes a great podcast)
  • Podcast Strategy and Branding
  • Podcast Formats (Solo/Co-Hosting Interview-Based)
  • Podcast Structure
  • How to Source Your Content or Guest (Research)
  • Basic Recording Techniques and Recording Interviews
  • Podcast Equipment/Podcasting Editing Software
  • Podcast Providers
  • Podcast Promotions (Visual Content and Images)
Podcasting Branding

We offer branding packages to promote your podcast to visually display your content and create a specialized, optical podcast.

  • Cover Banners for your podcast URL
  • Podcast Profile Avatar
  • Social Promotional Graphics
  • Audio Teaser Graphics
  • Correct Size Graphics for Social Media Platforms