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Don't feel confused about digital marketing any longer, let me steer you in the right direction and increase your confidence and knowledge online today.

Whether you are:
➡️ Beginning your Digital journey
➡️ Know the steps but just need to put all the pieces together
➡️ Build a digital strategy that is taught in an effective and easy to understand way.
➡️ Want to upskill and deliver content that will engage your audience to build your brand awareness
➡️ Be more efficient online with the use of my suggestion for your Digital Toolkit

I have the programme that will work for you!
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Why You Should Learn from Alan's Expertise

My areas of expertise are Digital Marketing Planning and Strategies for small businesses. Social Media Training on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter teaches how to use social media to promote personal branding, profile individuals and businesses plus protect your online reputation on these networks.

As part of my role, I oversee the support of businesses through innovative website design, strategies and implementation, offering new and exciting concepts as part of a strategic business and marketing plan online and offline.

A passionate professional, with an excellent understanding of delivering customer satisfaction and professionalism with a strong business acumen ensuring the highest standard of service to all clients and delivering value for the customer.

1. Digital Mentorship Programmes
2. Digital and Content Marketing
3. Social Media Consultancy and Management
4. Social Media Training
5. Podcasting
6. Website Consultancy
7. Digital Event Planning & Management
8. Communication
9. Professional Speaker
10. Online Reputation

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