Personalised Professional Media Packs


Stop Wasting Time Writing Your Bio and Sourcing Your Headshots

Showcase Your Expertise and Services All in One Place

As a guest on podcasts or live streams, you are often asked to provide a bio and headshot. Does crafting a unique bio for each appearance sound time-consuming? It certainly can be.
Imagine if you could share your professional details instantly, simply and efficiently.


We Have the Perfect Solution for You!

The demand for virtual guests on podcasts, live streaming shows, and Zoom networking meetings has skyrocketed recently. Hosts need your bio and headshot to properly promote your appearance at their events.
Enter the Media Pack: your one-stop solution.
This tool allows you to compile all your relevant information in one sleek, professionally designed package. It supports digital transfer, and you can include hyperlinks and even video content within the pack. With a Media Pack, you’re not just prepared; you’re presented at your best, every time.

I make it all the easier by guiding you through the process and I give you a template to fill in all your details, which saves you energy and is time-efficient 

Professional Profile Media Packs - The Digital Mentor

So What Information Should You Include In Your Media Pack?

Key Elements for Media Packs

Your Profile
Media (Interviews and Guest Appearances)
Companies or Brands you have worked or collaborated with
Contact Details (Website, Email, Phone Number and Social Media Links - All links are interactive)
You can also include Photo Headshots plus showcase any media appearances or stage presence photos.
For more information click on the brochure and see some examples ➡️ ➡️ ➡️


Please See Below A Variety of  Taylor-Made Designed Media Pack


Professional Media Packs

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Alan Hennessy - The Digital Mentor
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