The Digital Jigsaw Puzzle with Alan Hennessy The Digital Mentor

The Digital Jigsaw Puzzle Course

Start Date: 25th January
Time: 7 pm - 8 pm
Location: Zoom Webinar
Cost €149.00

Navigating the Digital Landscape can be hard at times, a bit like a jigsaw puzzle with so many pieces to put together trying to figure out what goes where. Sometimes you think you have the right piece and then you try to place it and it ends up being the wrong size or the shape.

Digital Marketing can also be like this. Trying to figure out what your brand is and how to create consistency. What is the best type of content to post, finding the right graphics, choosing the best type of language to use on the right platforms, and whether should you be creating audio or visual content?

Yes, there is so much to decide and understand. More time than often you will keep muddling through hoping you will get it right soon. What if you could fast-track your learning and start to gain clarity and develop content that will engage your audience and build your brand? Well, I have the answer for you, Yes you can!

My new course "The Digital Jigsaw Puzzle" answers all these questions and challenges in five weeks for only one hour per week. You can learn the skills you require and start implementing them immediately, not waiting around until the end of the course.  Each week you will gain a better understanding of five different aspects of Digital Marketing and put them into action that week.

All the time you are on the course you will grow in confidence and gain valuable tasks you can complete to create visibility and build brand awareness for your personal brand or for your company. For more details on the course, breakdown see below.

Digital-Jigsaw-Puzzle Course

Course Details:

Week 1. Digital Mindset & Content Creation Mapping

In week one we look at developing a Digital Mindset and how you can connect and reach your customers online. I will be sharing tools you can use for mapping and structuring your content creation.

Week 2. Branding and Consistency

In week two we will dig deeper into creating and developing your branding and the key elements you require to implement this. We will also look at ways to build consistency and strength your presence online.

Week 3. Content Creation

In week three we will talk about the difference between Content Curation and Creation. I will share with you some online resources for researching and developing content ideas to share with your audience. We will also talk about building a bank of content for publishing and the different formats you can use.

Week 4. Audio and Visual Content

In week four we will look at implementing audio content into your marketing strategies. We will also look at developing Visual Content in the shape of Live Streaming and Video Presentations

Week 5. The Digital Toolkit

I will share with you a wide range of Digital tools that will help you to create stunning graphics and awesome video content. Plus some free bonus online tools and libraries you can avail of.

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