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Shared Content Drivers

¬†Do you want to increase your visibility online and learn more about getting more eyeballs on your Content that will make people want to share your content? 1. Curiosity Preview Content Create content that will raise people’s curiosity and require them to dig deeper into […]

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How to Set Up A LinkedIn Newsletter - The Digital Mentor Blog

How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Newsletter

Over the past number of weeks, I have been asked HOW? How do I set up a LinkedIn Newsletter as I see all of my connections asking me to follow their ones? Well, it is really quite easy to do. Let me explain and guide […]

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Benefits Of a LinkedIn Newsletter The Digital Mentor Blog

Benefits of A LinkedIn Newsletter

If you have not started your own LinkedIn Newsletter well, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get in front of your connections and audience on LinkedIn by sharing your expertise and experience. I set up my own Newsletter a number of weeks […]

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Why Colours Matter Online Blog

Why do colours matter online?

I am currently finishing off the final edit of my new book due out in September. Early this week I was on a call with fellow authors and the question came up about book covers and what actually sells and draws people into buying a […]

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