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How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Newsletter

Over the past number of weeks, I have been asked HOW?

How do I set up a LinkedIn Newsletter as I see all of my connections asking me to follow their ones? Well, it is really quite easy to do. Let me explain and guide you through the process and tell you about some of the options available.

What is a LinkedIn Newsletter and what purpose does it serve?

A LinkedIn Newsletter is a collection of Articles you can group together in one place on LinkedIn under the heading of a Newsletter which is essentially a Landing Page where all of your articles are stored. See My Newsletter Landing Page Here.

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Where Do I Find The Newsletter Function?

The Newsletter Function is only available if you have the Creator Mode on your personal profile. You can find this under the resource section on your LinkedIn Profile. As standard it is turned off so you need to flick the switch on the tab to on then you will have access to the Newsletter Functionality.


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Once the creator mode is turned on, make sure you have access to the newsletter function under the Creator Tools. You can then set up your newsletter make sure to fill in all the appropriate fields

  • The Name of your Newsletter (Pick a strong title that people are going to want to follow)
  • A Short Description of what people will receive by subscribing
  • A publishing Frequency for your Newsletter (Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly)
  • A logo for Your Newsletter (300 x 300 pixels Recommended) You can create one of these on, use the custom size function in canva to create it.
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A key point in setting up your newsletter in your first edition is the opportunity to invite LinkedIn Members to subscribe. So make sure you reach out to as many connections and let them know that you have created one.

Yes, you will still get other LinkedIn Members subscribing as you start to create additional editions. But it is great to get people to start following from the get-go, plus it adds credibility to your content and newsletter. So try to focus on this before launching your weekly or biweekly newsletters.

A great strategy for your newsletter content is to brainstorm ideas and topics you are going to write about in your issues. This will help you be more focused when it comes to creating your content. Take into consideration who your audience is and what message you want them to receive from you.

You can mix it up by creating Top Tips in your industry, Trending Topics, your personal experiences, your expertise or whatever your purpose is in creating this newsletter. Remember this is your time and also your opportunity to showcase what you do.

When you have done your brainstorming and have established the type of content you are going to put out there, you can now start to develop your issues. Some guidelines I would suggest to you would be;

  • Ensure every article has a relevant cover image (Size recommended 1280 x720 Pixels) This will help people understand what your article is about and it will distinguish each article in your Newsletter Feed going forward.
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  • Write a Strong Headline for your Article that will entice your subscribers to read more
  • Focus on delivering value and giving subscribers a quick win they can implement to your business or get them asking more questions
  • Create a call to action or ask a question within your articles to encourage engagement and start conversations
  • Make sure you promote your article across your social networks and add a hook to create interest for your issue.

Most of all have fun and remember my mantra when it comes to content


Talk to you soon


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