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Benefits of A LinkedIn Newsletter

If you have not started your own LinkedIn Newsletter well, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get in front of your connections and audience on LinkedIn by sharing your expertise and experience.

I set up my own Newsletter a number of weeks ago and within the first week, I had over 300 subscribers. Now, let's dig a bit deeper into this, what does it mean to have subscribers to your Newsletter?

All of your connections on LinkedIn will receive a notification every time you release an edition of your newsletter and they will get a direct link to your article. This will keep you at the top of their mind and the tip of their tongue. The benefit of this is you don't have to try and keep reminding them you have posted on LinkedIn in the hope you will show up in their newsfeed.

You can share your newsletter across all of your Social Media Networks and direct them to your articles. Think about it this way, as a teaser/lead magnet to help you build your connections on LinkedIn.

If you are already writing blogs, creating podcasts or have a live streaming show, you can transcribe your content and share it in your newsletter. Some people like to read long-form content instead of listening to or watching you.

If you have an event you are running you can give more details about it in a newsletter and break down what people can learn if they attend your event. You can even share links to a landing page where they can book their place.

If you are trying to promote an online course, you can explain the course content, what the course will give the student and the further benefits they will receive by doing your course.

It is a great way to share your expertise and showcase your experience to your connections and LinkedIn Members that may not know in detail what you do. You can really talk in more detail about a particular subject or topic as well in your newsletters.

Your newsletter can be as detailed as you desire or it can be short and snappy, but the one thing it must be is interesting. It needs to add value and be engaging so that your subscribers will come back for more every time you release a new edition.

As you gain more subscribers start to look at who has subscribed to your newsletter by sector, job title and profile within the search function on LinkedIn and if you are not connected it gives you a warm introduction to reach out to them. This will also give you a better idea of who is reading your content and can inspire you to write content that would be relevant to them and showcase your expertise as well.

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Some tips to increase your newsletter subscriptions you should always keep in mind.

  • Consistency is key: in everything we do and is so important for your newsletter. Figure out what suits your schedule. Can you commit to writing a newsletter every week or is that too much pressure? LinkedIn gives you the option to pick the time frame that works for you "Weekly - Bi-weekly or Monthly". Personally, I know I cannot manage writing one every week so I used the Bi-Weekly option. The great thing about this is it gives me breathing space to plan my content and write value-added content. Plus I can increase it or reduce it as I see fit.


  • Headlines Matter: before you publish your Newsletter make sure you pick a good headline for your edition. Remember people are constantly busy and time is like currency now. So you want to entice your subscribers to be drawn in and a great way to do this is to have a Newsletter Headline that stands out and creates curiosity. Anytime I am writing a blog post or piece of content, I always refer to a website called "" This site gives you an insight as to what people are asking for on any topic. It can also give you some inspiration for your newsletter content.
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  • Images that Impact: can increase your visibility for your articles within your Newsletter and articles that use good cover photos tend to get a lot more views and engagement. You can also add them throughout your newsletter as well (Just don't flood them with images as people come to read your newsletter not look at your images)


  • Mention People: everyone likes to see their name up in lights or be mentioned in an article. If you have cause to or are referencing a piece of content from someone make sure to mention and tag the person which can also lead to leveraging their audience as well. Most people that get mentioned in any piece of content will usually share it with their own community and this will help you gain more traction for your content.


  • Hashtags: give you the opportunity to be seen in niche communities and content that people are searching for on LinkedIn and also on Google. If you search for anything on Google, LinkedIn will always show up on the first page. Try to use relevant hashtags associated with your article and not just random ones as that is just called SPAMMING and you don't want all the hard work you have put into your article to be classed as spam.


  • Calls to Action: Every Newsletter should include a call to action, that can be as simple as sharing this article, following you on Social Media to more detailed calls to action like visiting your website, booking a call with you, subscribing to your mailing list. This is a golden opportunity for you to get in front of more people.


  • Promote your Newsletter and editions in a post and give a good description of what your article is about and tag a few people in it, plus use the tips above to increase visibility for your piece.

I hope you have learned some of the benefits of starting a LinkedIn Newsletter and you will take action and start your own one. If you would like to learn how to set up your own newsletter book a call with me and we can chat in more detail. Choose a date and time that suits you here:

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Talk to you soon


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