The Digital Mentor Podcast Episode #11: Embracing A.I. Technology

Episode 11 – Embracing A.I. Technology

Episode #11  Embracing A.I. Technology

Welcome to the New Digital Mentor Podcast hosted by Alan Hennessy. Your weekly insights into the world of Digital Marketing and Social Media. This podcast is here to help you navigate the Digital Landscape and share tips and tricks you can implement into your business on a daily basis

In this week's episode, Alan talks about Embracing A.I. Technology

In this week's episode of the podcast. This is a special edition lifted from a recent interview Alan did with Kelly Morrison on the Upstarts Show on Dublin City FM. Alan talks about "Embracing A.I. Technology and how it can change the way we work to our benefit. He shares insights and how we can embrace the world of AI.

Some of the insights Alan shares include:

  • How we do not need to be overwhelmed by A.I.
  • The Opportunities available through AI.
  • Being Time Efficient with the help of A.I.
  • The Value it can add to research projects
  • The Vast Array of AI tools available

Plus so much more

Shout out to Trevor Lorking my co-host of the Curious Fire Podcast for the Ocean Analogy used in this episode, which also features in an episode about "How Big is Intelligence" Click the title to listen to the episode

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