The Power of Podcasting Online Course

Would you like to start your own podcast?

The Power of Podcasting Course will give you the tools to develop a Professional Podcast Series and help you to gain a better understanding of how to build and create your own Podcast.

Over the five weeks, we will explore Podcast Equipment and Strategies, Podcast Essentials, Interview Skills, Editing and Publishing and Podcast Promotion.

Tutor: Alan Hennessy

The Digital Mentor and Host of The Social Media Talks Podcast

With over 30 years of experience in broadcasting and the host of two very successful podcast series with over 130 episodes to date and over 3000 downloads, Alan has a vast amount of expertise in the Podcasting World. He has also produced award-winning podcast series for clients and celebrities. Alan will share with you how to create, develop and publish your very own professional podcast in 5 weeks.

What you'll learn

Week One: 

Podcast Strategies and Creator Tools

Podcast Equipment, Editing and Publishing Software and Podcast Distribution Providers

Week Two: 

Podcast Essentials and Elements required to create a professional-sounding podcast

Week Three: 

Podcast Presentations and Interview Skills.

Week Four: 

Editing and Publishing Your Podcast

Week Five: 

Podcast Promotions and creating visibility, building your subscribers and Increasing your downloads.

This course will include Live Lesson Sessions, Ebook Downloads Worksheets and Checklists

You will also receive a Free Personal Podcast Strategy Zoom Call with Alan at the end of the course.

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Course Online & Lessons

Week One: Podcast Strategies and Creator Tools.

Overview of Course Content: Alan will share with you the details of the five-week course and the content that will be provided. This includes ebooks, downloads and worksheets

Creating your Podcast Strategies: Starting any type of podcast requires clear focus, Objectives and Goals. Alan will dive deep into the aspects of a Podcast Strategy to keep you on track and create a purposeful professional Podcast

Podcast Creator Exercise: We will get stuck in the first session and start to create a Podcast Creator Document that will assist you to define the outline of your podcast, and the structure, content and frequency of your new podcast.

Worksheet Templates Included for this and any exercise other exercises within the course

The first Session will be 1.5 Hours and the rest will be Hour Long Sessions. 


Week Two: Podcast Essentials and Elements:

In this week's session we will look at the podcast basic and advanced Essentials you need to deliver your professional podcast

Podcast Equipment: Microphones, Camera, Headphones, Free Audio Software. Ensuring you have the right Equipment is so important to delivering a professional Podcast. Alan will walk you through the different options from inexpensive to higher-level equipment.

Podcast Distribution Platforms: (Paid and free Providers)

When you have recorded your podcast you need distribution channels to upload your show. We will look at a number of different options and Distribution websites that provide these services.

Podcast Music Voice Over websites: and Professional Info Voice Over Websites

Every great podcast needs a good music intro and if you do not have money in your budget to commission a piece of music there are a wide range of inexpensive Music Beds websites out there to choose from. You can also get a professional Voiceover Artist to record your intro and outro if requires, alan can also guide you on this and let you know the pros and cons of this feature.

Links will be provided and Ebooks for this Session 


Week Three: Podcast Presentations and Interview Skills

Podcast Presentations: You need to format your podcast into whatever type of show you are going to produce from segmented based, one topic per show or guest interviews.

Whichever format you choose you need to be clear on how the show will present and come across to the listener. Alan will share with you proven methods on all these bases.

Even though opening the mic sounds easy, there are other considerations you need to look at like Mic Level, Surroundings and tone/diction. Alan will share some tips and tricks to record a quality production.

Interview Skills: We will look at a number of different interview skills and how to get the best out of your guest and some of the tips and tricks to control a guest interview.


Week Four: Podcast Editing and Publishing

Podcast Editing: Now you have recorded your podcast you need to edit the content and remove those Um's and Ah's and add your Intro and Outro to your Podcast in this session we will look at audio editing software and give you a basic overview and lesson on editing. (Nothing too technical at all)

Podcast Publishing: After you have edited your podcast you want to publish it to as many people and platforms to reach maximum visibility for your show. We will look at how this can be done and where to put it out.


Week Five: Podcast Promotion and Marketing

Podcast Promotion: Now that you have published your podcast you need to let people know it is available to listen to. This is where the promotion piece comes into play. You have many ways to promote your show and its individual episodes. Alan will guide you in this process to build awareness for your podcast with some tips and tricks to help you.

Podcast Marketing: Marketing your podcast is quite different to promoting your episode and having been through this process, there are some very good proven methods I have to elevate your podcast marketing which I will share with you in this session.

Why Should You Do This Course?

If you are starting out Podcasting or want to upskill on the current podcast, this is the course for you with extra added content, bonus material and up-to-the-minute information included.

One of the biggest advantages of this course is the information and tools are currently in use on a weekly basis and you are receiving direct tutoring from a practising practitioner in podcasting.

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